Attack of the Virtual Spider Webs

Information Marketing

As more businesspeople opt to develop their own websites, there are more websites becoming outdated and covered with virtual spider webs due to neglect. Here are some pointers on how to keep your website fresh looking and useful. After all, a quick, intuitive website brings happy customers to your door.

1. Keep Sales Information Updated
Nothing makes a potential customer happier than to go to your website looking for a sale and get all excited about 20% off something. That new roofing project? That new nine iron? 20% off! Wow–they place the item in their shopping cart and go to checkout, only to find that the offer expired 2 months ago–you just forgot to take it off of your site.
This can lead to all kinds of trouble. For one thing, you may have to honor the sale anyway. The expiration date is often overlooked on sale items, and if you are still offering it on your site, you’ll continue to have takers. Just be prepared to shell out the discount if you’re not going to keep up with the site. Even brick-and-mortar retailers have to do that–if “SALE PRICE” is still on the shelf, they have to sell it for that, even if the sale was over last week and they just missed the tag.
Another type of problem you run into with outdated information is betrayal of trust. Your customers are not going to be happy with you if they get to checkout and find the sale expired. They are going to feel like you scammed them. In fact, that is a common marketing technique, and consumers don’t like it when you promise them a deal and end up charging more.
So once you have your web design in place, check it every couple of weeks and make sure the information on it is current.

2. Keep Seasonal News Updated
It’s not just sales items. Seasonal news makes your site look neglected if it is not changed with the seasons. While “Bridal Hair Styles” may be a hot commodity in June, they’re a puzzler around Halloween. But if you have “Halloween Hair,” people will visit your site just to see the styles you create for Halloween.
Basically, you’re looking for a niche for every market. If you’re a roofing company, severe weather season may bring hailstorms and tornadoes or hurricanes, meaning you need to be available for roof replacement. In the off-season, sell roof inspection and repair.

3. Keep Your Look Updated
You can go retro, if you want to. Just don’t “look” old. Some websites look like they were made back when Flash Player was first invented. Too much moving, noisy stuff on your site makes it look unprofessional. So as tempting as fluttering butterflies, flashing cursors, and an autoplay video may be to your sense of fun, remember that all of these things make your site load slower, work slower, and be totally inaccessible to some of your prospective clients. And your prospective clients are what it’s all about.




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