Creating Persona Profiles

Information Marketing

It is really easy to create a persona profile. To get the most out of this article, please read our previous profile persona articles, that way you can understand everything from the beginning. Here are the links:

Now, let’s just have a look at how to create a persona profile. This is very simple, but you need to have your target audience defined at this point in order to be successful. Do you know exactly who will be interested in what you are about to offer? What are the problems they face? Have you completed your research on how your clients are using your products, what they expect from it, and why they need it?

These are a few of the many questions you need to have answered by now (have a look at our previous articles to grab more insights).

Once you know your target audience very well, you can start to divide them in groups. You can divide the profile groups by age, sex, financial status, etc. Then you need to create archetypes that will carry the characteristics of the ideal buyer, client, website visitor. It will look something like this:

Profile Persona Basics

Some people use a fake picture, choose a name for the persona, and then create a brief summary. This will contain information such as sex, profession, demographic details, what this person does on a daily basis, hobbies, tastes, and any other personal characteristic you desire to put.

Now, from a strategic perspective, it is essential to relate the goals of your business to your clients. Create a list of the principal needs this person would have from a personal and professional perspective. Then you need to think about the persona from the point of view of your business or services. What needs would this persona have that your business can easily fulfill?

What about emotional characteristics that have a relationship between your services and your client? You need to think about what they are frustrated about. You can include, on the persona profile, some emotional aspects such as frustration, what makes them happy and satisfied, and how your product can inspire positive emotions for them (solutions) and help them to eliminate their frustration.

After this, put together all the information about your product that your persona needs to know and relate the benefits of your product or the services you offer that the persona would be interested in receiving.

It is as simple as that. You don’t want the persona profile to be very long and tedious. You just need enough information to gather their goals, interests, who they are, what they would be looking for, what problems they are facing, and how you can offer the best solutions for them.




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