Five Tips to Improve Google+ Business Page Straightaway

Relationship Marketing, Social Engagement

As Google+ launches their Google+ Business, it is evident that many people will want to explore what it has to bring in terms of business improvements and innovation.

One big reason that business should be joining Google+ is because of the possibility of improving search ranks on Google. But more than that, it will bring great interactions between company and clients. The hangouts are just a great way to do it.

If you already know that Google+ is a good option for your business, we want to suggest to you five quick tips to optimize your Google+ campaign that you can use straightaway after reading this article:

1. Keywords Are Still Important

Google+ has a section called “About” where you will put important information about your business, and of course, this a good opportunity to use keywords.

In this area, you will be asked to place a tagline that best describes your business. Just make sure to use relevant keywords.

Then there will be the “Introduction” section where you will write a few short paragraphs about your business. Once again, use the keywords in this area but make sure you write a direct responsive copy. Keep reading to find out more about direct responsive copy.

2. Use Direct Responsive Copy

We have an article that explains more in-depth what direct responsive copy is, but in a nutshell, it will tell exactly what you do without using decorative or technical words.

It will be concise and direct and will tell the client exactly what is in it for them. Here are some questions you can answer on your copy:

What you are offering? How good it is? What is your differential? What can your clients expect? What are the immediate- and long-term results they will have?

3. Using Links

Google+ allows you to recommend links in your Google+ Page. Use this section to place links that are related to your industry and will be relevant to your crowd.

If you have many different sections on your website, or partners websites, you can use this space to direct people to these pages.

4. Routine And Making-Of Pics

Add pics of the routine of the company, special events, and behind-the-scenes pictures. People like spontaneous moments to be shared so they can feel a part of the community. Make sure to post shots of the funny situations or “intimate moments” of the company.

5. Host Hangouts For Customers

On Google+ for Business, you can also use the famous Hangout. You can use this tool to record conversation between your staff that will somehow help clients in a specific problem they have. Make sure to organize a script and plan the content before get started.




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