Getting People to Play in Your Sandbox (a.k.a. Relationship Funnel Optimization)

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It’s not just the fact that it’s sand that makes kids want to go to a sandbox; it’s the idea that inside that box, you can make a mess and explore. There will be toys in there and other kids to make a mess with. And then, of course, there’s the sand. So much fun to play with, so cool to watch it pour, or run your fingers through, so soft as a handful, but also, so gritty.

So how do you get people to play in your proverbial sandbox—your online business?

If you are a small business Entrepreneur, you have to have the Ideal Audience Attractor™ (the sandbox), the Ideal Audience Engager™ (appropriate toys and yourself, a trustworthy person), and be able to provide all the elements that go into a rocking Relationship Funnel—in essence, the handfuls of sand that are also the grit.

At enfusionize™, optimizing a Relationship Funnel starts with YOU and your knowledge and understanding of your tribe. What is their angst? What do they desire? What assistance or solace or delight are they looking for that you can provide?

As you understand that, you appeal to their inner desire with your Ideal Audience Attractor™—the proverbial sandbox that you make available. It’s a lure of sorts, an appeal; a beacon that you put out into the marketplace to attract the attention of your Ideal Audience. The lure has to be so strong that they’ll come, preferably in droves, to your Landing Page or website and give over their name and email address just to attain access to your offering.

Once you have them there, you next have to have the “toys” ready and a clear way for people to “play” with them. This is your Ideal Audience Engager™. It’s an irresistible offer that your ideal clientele want to get their hands on. Irresistible because it’s of value, it will be easy and quickly read/absorbed/understood, and it doesn’t cost very much (say, under $20). Because you are a trusted guide, your ideal audience will make the purchase. It’s as if they are saying to you “You know what I want, and I trust that you will give me valuable and correct information.”

Finally, this Ideal Audience Engager™ has to make your clientele feel satisfied and happy! This is analogous to being in the sandbox and having fun exploring. When you explore, you are in a good mood, are curious, more alert, willing to experiment, open to new ideas. So as your Ideal Audience Engager™ highly satisfies; your Ideal Audience is not only more receptive but primed for (wait for it) . . . your next offer! All this and more is included in our Formula7™ Sales Funnel Package. It contains everything you will need to do in order to create and optimize your Relationship Funnel. Here’s the gist of it:

Your optimized Relationship Funnel in action!

1. Ideal Audience Attractor™ F = Find out
2. Ideal Audience Engager™ O = Opt in
3. Initial Core Offering R = Receive value
4. Core Offering M = Main offer
5. Up-leveled Offer U = Upsell
6. The Return Path L = Loop arounds
7. Referral Attractor A = Attract referrals

At this juncture (where customers have opted in and purchased), you now have paying customers, and many of them are ready to be indoctrinated to be/become raving fans of your work simply because your value proposition had irresistible intrigue. Your customers can become loyal customers . . . as you further offer amazing opportunities for greater levels of engagement, such as, your Core Offerings and up-leveled offers. They have made a HUGE step forward, and this can prove its weight in gold, because when people have purchased from you once, there is a high likelihood that they will purchase from you again.

The statistics on this vary; however, if you get 30% of your traffic buying your Ideal Audience Engager™, you are doing well. In the best scenarios, you will get upwards of 60% of your traffic buying in when you have a really clear, congruent, efficient HIGH-converting Relationship Funnel. You are only limited by the way you apply this unique formula in your business and test with proper measurable experimentation.

Optimizing this Relationship Funnel is about reviewing the behavior of your traffic all along the customer pathway and taking positive action in response to your data to increase the numbers/sales/revenue you have set as a target. This is what our Formula7™ information product covers in great detail—how to optimize every aspect of your Sales Funnel.

With CRM software, like Infusionsoft, HubSpot, and others, this is much easier to do, even though it isn’t completely easy. However, we find that a lot of people get so excited about their positive results that they neglect to look really carefully at everything that is going on in their relationship pathway. This is where analytics comes in: looking at the number of individual visits, the average length of time invested, the number of opt-ins, and from there, the number of purchasers. These critical numbers will enable you to factor some ratios and discover other poignant data. If your numbers are not high enough (e.g., if only 15 people opted in and you had 125 visitors—a 12% opt-in rate) you can start to split test.

Split testing is where you run two versions of the same thing and see which one performs better. In the second version, you can change your offer language, change an image, change some wording on your button—and see what happens to behavior when you do.

Optimizing the Relationship Funnel can be gritty work, and that’s what we do here at enfusionize™. We coach and consult on building Relationship Funnels and assist you to find the flow you are looking for, so that when all is said and done, you’ve got lots and lots of people coming to play in your sandbox.

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