Intelligent Websites Will Empower Your Marketing Strategy

Information Marketing

There is a marketing term that was first brainstormed by E. St. Elmo Lewis and is highly used by marketers in advertisements and commercials all over the world. The term is known as AIDA and is being used very effectively as a major part of communications and marketing strategies behind a website.

The term AIDA stands for “Attention,” “Interest,” “Desire,” “Action,” and it has a lot to do with communicating in the right way to deliver a marketing message through the design. Have a look at how it works:

A: Attention

The first thing that your website marketing strategy has to do is call the attention of your reader. That is why the website design is so important for your marketing strategy. We live in an extremely visual world and appearance matters. If you are going to a job interview, if you are giving a presentation, the way you look will influence the first impressions others have of you.

The same works for web design. What is your website wearing? It preferably will be clean and neat, yet bold with regards to its key messages. Some examples could be:

Large Text

Use some type of large text to explain what the website is about. The more obvious you are the better. Resist the temptation to play with words. Instead, use plain English and the theme that is most suited to your niche.


Sliders give life to your website. They work great when positioned on top with snapshots of the most important activities you are currently working on. It dynamically combines texts and images in a way that gives movement to the website. It also gives the impression that you have fresh content and makes the visitor interested.

I: Interest

Once you have the attention of your visitor, it is essential to keep them engaged and interested. Your marketing strategy is more likely to be successful if people feel like you are talking directly with them.

Write your copy as if you are talking to your visitors in a friendly and simple way. Make sure you point out the benefits they will receive and always bring up what differentiates you from the competition.

Another important aspect of your website marketing strategy is to make sure you keep the text readable, short and direct to the point. Use bullets, images, and graphics so the readers won’t get tired.

You have very little time to make your point, and visitors will leave your site if you don’t transform their attention into interest.

D: Desire

If you have ever paid close attention to the adverts that surround you, you will notice that they put great effort into showing how happy and satisfied people are with a product. You will often see them smiling and celebrating.

In web design, it is also good to use pictures of real people that are satisfied with your product. You can use real testimonials followed by real pictures or videos. This will certainly bring a boost to your website marketing strategy!

Showcase the best product, use the best design, or showcase true stories where people can see the actual results your services can provide. This will create a desire in the viewer to become part of the community and take advantage of the benefits for themselves.

A: Action

Another empowering marketing strategy is to use Call-To-Actions. This means that you need to tell your visitors what to do when they are on your website. Calls-To-Action could be something simple like, “contact me now,” “download a free chapter of the book,” “donate now,” and “click here to get a free quote.”


As you can see, it is important to understand the rules and theory behind any website layout. This ensures that you will achieve the best possible return on an investment by providing high conversion rates and keeping your visitors engaged and satisfied.




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