Learning from the “New Guys”

Information Marketing

Now that our Generation Y blog posts have taught you the basics behind some of the most popular Social Media sites, are you ready to get started? If you haven’t already, it is time to start utilizing Social Media in your business model!

Do you have the ability to learn from the “new guys?” It can be a real challenge. Most of us, when we look at our business, see a simple, traditional business model–I make it, you buy it, and we’re both happy.
Unfortunately, business is not always that simple. The flip side is, however, that now, business is no longer that limited. It’s not unusual to have a conversation with someone on another continent as you have your morning coffee. 30 years ago–even 20 years ago–that would have been an international phone call that would cost you in excess of $200 USD.
Sure, you may not be able to call that customer in Jamaica–the cell phone rates are still high–but you can Skype for free! And just as social interactions have been evolving over the last few decades, so have business models.
It has already happened. New businesses that have embraced Social Media have already established a new expectation from consumers. The business models that don’t include Social Media are being left behind, and the businesses that cling to these outdated models are being left behind, too. This business “social consciousness” has become, itself, a sustainable business model, spurring commerce and establishing a new relationship between producer and consumer. It is building a new paradigm based on the Internet, global communication, and multiple networks.

The thing is, this doesn’t have to be unattainable to the average businessman. This new business model is really quite similar to the traditional one that involves giving the customer what he wants. If anything, it’s finally the fruition of the customer’s desire and need to be special to you and receive one-on-one service. Various forms of Social Media are already in existence and already established. The work is already done for you! Social Media networks have already collected all of the demographic information you could ever need. You can have access to names, phone numbers, email addresses, age, gender, and just about anything else you could ever want to know about your customers.
The crazy thing is, this is all voluntary! Most of the people on social websites provide the information themselves, so they can be contacted by people who can supply their interests.

So, what are you going to do? The infrastructure is there; will you use it? It’s not a complete change of direction; if you are already part of the supply/demand market system, adding information and communication is simply adding a little black book to your Rolodex. Give it a try, and you’ll see how successful your business can really be.

A special thank to the cowriter of this post: Inriel Salvador




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