Oops! I Sent You a Fake Link!

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I got this email in my inbox recently:

Oops! Corrected Link for Live Broadcast REPLAY!

Gee, it seems like people are having a hard time getting their information straight lately, I thought. Seriously, this was like the fifth error email in two weeks.

Then, just a few days later, I came across some material from a respected, big-name Internet marketer that was ALL ABOUT these “oops” emails and how they get a better response than other emails. Aha, I get it now. Can you feel how this technique engages this little jolt of  Oh no, I might be missing something!  in your psyche, and you instinctively need to see what’s up?

This article I read went on to describe the entire tactic, right down to preplanning and disabling the original link before sending the oops email so it would look like a mistake to the people who didn’t read the original email. Hmm . . . now this is sounding kind of dirty to me.

Let me put it to you:

Does this seems honest? Do you feel this is in line with your definition of integrity?

I personally have a problem with it, and I have to ask myself:   Why do some Internet marketers feel just fine about tactics like this, while I feel it’s dishonest?

Here’s the answer:

Integrity, by definition, is living in accordance with one’s beliefs and values. Team enfusionize™, our clients, and our clients’ clients place a high value on honesty, trustworthiness, authenticity, and other similar qualities.

However, there are plenty of marketers who prioritize DIFFERENT values, so they make different choices about what tactics to use.

This, in a nutshell, is the whole reason that Team enfusionize™ exists in the first place: We’re here to serve people who want the highest level of marketing service available, ALONG WITH the highest level of integrity and alignment with values of honesty, authenticity, trust, and connection.

We know that you and your clients hate feeling manipulated, so we use what works, and we filter out things that would feel out of alignment to you, or to them. We would never put you in a position of being dishonest with your tribe because we know how hard you have worked to build that trust and how much you value those relationships.

Building trust is not just another sales tactic to us—it’s a way of life and a key component of how we run our business.

So, while I am sure there are still plenty of honest mistakes out there, I promise, my team and I will always do our best to get you the right link the first time around.




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