Podcast Marketing 101 Series – Intro

Internet Technology

Do you think your services would be a good fit for a podcast marketing strategy? Many companies don’t realize that they can get even closer to their clients by creating their own podcast or online radio.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: What are the topics my clients are longing for? If you run a B2B company, it would be great to assure a communication that will teach your clients to attract more clients, or even talk about topics they love but don’t have the chance to discuss with their friends and family.

For the companies that run a B2C company, it is a great opportunity to create a buzz by finding ways to insert their services inside their client’s routine.

But what do you do when you think your product is too boring or just doesn’t fit into this podcast conversation? At first you might think that you are out of range, but in fact, we advise you to think twice and do a little target research to find the common interest your clients might have. A podcast might be more useful and applicable than you think.

When you do a podcast, you can also think about topics that sometimes are not directly related to your product but have some sort of relation with the client’s lifestyle.

For instance, if you sell shoes, consider what type of shoes you sell. Are they office shoes? Sports shoes? All of them? You can create a podcast about orthopedic tips; if you sell sport items, you can talk about sports and healthy living. If you sell clothes, you can talk not only about fashion, but also about topics related to the client persona you have studied on your marketing plan.

Podcasts are great for interviews, discussing opinions, and giving informational advice. This will increase your marketing visibility, demonstrate interest on different aspects of your client psychology, and establish a strong trusting bond between you and your clients.

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