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Information Marketing

Small businesses have a ton of pieces to manage: customer information and correspondence tracking, marketing materials, sales records, Facebook, Twitter, pay-per-click advertisements, sales teams, product distribution, and more. The system can be daunting and overwhelming if not managed properly!

Infusionsoft provides a solution that restores order to the chaos and allows you to see the “big picture” of your business operations. Need to see which customers clicked through your Marketing Funnel and bought your product? Which sales rep last touched base with your newest client? How your sales for the month are doing? Which lead source is worth the investment? Infusionsoft has you covered with an all-encompassing and connected package.

While technology promises to make our lives easier, it can easily be a chore to check analytics, reporting, and results across a half dozen pieces of software, leaving little time to analyze and take action—if you can make sense of the piecemeal info in the first place! By bringing the hub of your business relationships, marketing, and sales into one comprehensive source, Infusionsoft saves time and energy so you can measure results and make tweaks easily.

But having a system that connects these pieces is only part of the solution. The true key that makes Infusionsoft so valuable is automation. Using a system of precisely timed emails, actions, and an intelligent Marketing Funnel design, Infusionsoft can turn your business into a set-it-and-forget-it process that practically runs itself and allows you to focus on what really matters: “wowing” your customers and creating amazing content.

Infusionsoft creates a single solution to manage one of the most critical pieces of your business—your customer relationships. Experts estimate that it takes somewhere between 7 and 12 “touches” with a potential customer to grow enough trust for them to buy from you. With Infusionsoft’s Automated Marketing, you can design a campaign sequence that will send precisely timed content that is customer targeted based on their reactions to your Funnel. This will help ensure that customers aren’t “falling through the cracks” of your sales process.

Knowing exactly how a customer reacts to your sales process is key to understanding effective marketing and converting leads into paying customers. While many web analytics packages provide interesting information, Infusionsoft gives comprehensive and detailed reports to measure your effectiveness. By tracking a single customer through your Sales Funnel, you can gain incredible insights into your customer’s head. Using this process, you can identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales process to maximize return on investment.

One of the biggest frustrations in marketing is the feeling of sending content and offers out “into the void” and having no idea why it’s not working. With Infusionsoft, you’re empowered and informed to understand exactly where leads lost interest, who clicked, who read, and who bought. Each link in the chain is a powerful source of information to improving your process.

If you’re still attempting to get the big picture of your business and spending all your time trying to get the right information, or you are not fully utilizing your Infusionsoft account to use Intelligent and Automated Marketing in your sales process, then enfusionize™ can help.




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