Six Fundamental Keys to Boost Email Marketing Strategy

Information Marketing

Email marketing covers different aspects of online communication, such as design, branding, HTML, and Internet technology.

But the most important part of your email marketing strategy will be, guess what? The content.

You know, even the most beautifully crafted email marketing campaign won’t mean anything if it doesn’t bring a compelling message that communicates correctly.

With this in mind, what is the best way to communicate?

Take a look at these six essential keys that are crucial when writing for email marketing:

1. Don’t Mix The Content!

If you choose to mix a number of content styles on your email marketing campaign, be sure you don’t send everything in the same email.

It is best to divide your email marketing campaign into three (or more) categories.

One category would be a newsletter informing the client about the latest posts, articles, and videos from your website.

In this email, you should only use educative informative content that will grab the attention of your client because you are offering something valuable that will teach or help them to solve a problem or situation.

If you run webinars and online events, you can create a series of online classes and encourage people to participate.

It is important to add your Calls-To-Action in this type of email, such as asking to sign in for an opt-in form or connect with you on Social Media channels, but you don’t really sell anything.

If you want to sell, you can create another category of email marketing strictly for discounts and special offers.

Another category could be an events and greetings email. This would inform your clients about upcoming events and would remind them that you took the time and effort to send them Christmas wishes, etc.

It doesn’t even need to be a very special occasion. You can send one of those emails every time the seasons change or every time something significant happens in the country.

2. Talk As If You Were Talking To A Friend.

Even though you don’t know who will be reading your email, it will probably be someone who has chosen to receive updates from you.

This person is already interested in you and your business and for this reason, be open and share things from your perspective, making sure that you are authentic in everything you say.

We are all trying to avoid formal business talks when it comes to marketing. People want to feel connected.

The most powerful way to bring your point of view to someone is not by being imposing, much less by using formal language that is cold and distant.

We want to connect, and we want to feel the person on the other side is a real person who has the same needs and emotions we have. For this reason, forget technical words and be authentic.

3. Be Empathetic And Real. Tell A Story.

A good way to connect with your audience is by sharing real-life situations that you face every day. If this real-life situation can serve as a valuable piece of advice for them, even better.

Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, share the good and bad moments you have faced in your business, and always show how it can help the audience to trust in you as a real and experienced person who is transparent and truly committed to help.

4. Use Videos On Your Email Marketing.

Create special videos where you can tell a story, talk about an offer, provide a webinar, sell a service, or simply talk about anything you want.

Make this video especially for the sake of your email marketing campaign and mention this on the video. But just a quick reminder—even though nowadays it is possible to embed videos on your email messages (ask your email provider how to do it) many people prefer not to do so.

Because you want to drive the audience to your website, many marketers just place a picture that would look like a video inside the email but in fact would be a link to their website.

This is also great, but if you are creating a quick and simple video only for a particular email marketing campaign, you don’t really need to do it.

5. Don’t Forget To Mix Content With Brand.

In regards to content, many people send email marketing without any touch of design on it.

As the message (and how you use it) is the most important slice of any email marketing strategy, the way you present your content is also very important.

Use HTML templates that will structure a layout to your email; it will look neat, organized, and appealing to the readers.

Use your branding colors, your logo, and some images that illustrate what you want your clients to see.

6. Be Consistent.

Finally, be consistent and send emails regularly. It is important that the audience continue receiving your message in their inbox, especially if you are offering high-quality content.

Remember to be careful with how often you send your emails. You don’t want to have your clients unsubscribing from your email list just because you are overwhelming them with many unnecessary messages.




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