Social Media, Content and Tasks

Information Marketing

Yes, when it comes to Social Media, there is a lot to be explored!

The Social Media marketing guerrilla starts when you need to create content that engages people and you need to be consistent with it. The three principal challenges in Social Media marketing are:

  • Are you too busy to be creating interesting blog posts?
  • Are you too busy to be hanging online reading blogs all day, commenting, and being active on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Do you find that you not only need to write something that is valuable, but you need to research and plan the keywords that you will use before you begin writing?

Each one of these bullets is time consuming, and how do you do it if you are a single blogger and solopreneur? Ah … Love is the answer!? Yes, that’s part of it! Don’t get discouraged, you can use these “Social Media management tools” that will help you with the side activities of your Social Media campaign or strategy, such as:

  • Organize your Social Media marketing content and send it to the different Social Media websites you are signed in to
  • Schedule your Social Media marketing activities so you it can work on its own while you are on holidays or during the weekend
  • Monitor who is visualizing your posts, tweets, and the rest of your Social Media marketing campaign so you can track what is working and not working
  • Send out autoresponder messages to people who started to interact with you on your Social Media websites so you can warm up your Social Media marketing strategy
  • Help you to manage promotions and applications on your Social Media marketing and Social Media websites

But there are still things you will have to do manually:

  • Research articles that will be relevant for your Social Media marketing strategy
  • Write articles related to your Social Media strategy and industry
  • Research and select the most important keywords for your Social Media marketing strategy
  • Use keywords in your articles and tutorials
  • Be aware of everything that is happening in your industry
  • Post on Twitter and follow people that are related to your industry
  • Monitor Facebook pages or groups around the Internet
  • Participate in forum discussions that are relevant for your Social Media marketing strategy
  • Create videos, screencasts, and podcasts
  • Create a frequent and consistent schedule

For the next blog post, we will be showcasing a few tools that will help you to make your Social Media life easier, so be sure to subscribe to receive the latest news!




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