The Benefits of Membership Sites: Tips and Ideas for Individuals and Business

Information Marketing

A membership website can provide an extra stream of income. It may also be able to provide you with a full-time job that will not only benefit your pocket, but will help you to share your gifts to the world, and help people to learn about a specific subject.

If you have a skill that you would like to write about or create relevant educational material related to that skill, you could provide special training videos, online classes, online training, special featured tutorials, and much more to serve all those who would like to learn from your teachings.

If you already run a business and want to stand out from the competitors, a membership website can help you to strengthen the relationship between you and the customers, understand even more their necessities, likes, and dislikes, by interacting with them through your own social network website.

You can provide videos, virtual classes, teleseminars, webinars, interviews, articles, screencasts, eBooks, podcasts, email alerts and protect the information with login and password, to limit the access to members only. All they need to do is register and, in some cases, pay for it.

The membership websites could be for free or paid, depending on the goals you have in mind. If you are a company, it would be more interesting to create your own Social Media platform, a free membership website, where you could network, share ideas, create private events, and improve the relationship between you and your clients. If you want food for thought, check out some examples of membership websites :

Exclusive Content Websites (Paid)

In this situation, you need to provide in-depth high-value content, free of ads, and 100% direct to the point content. We see so many free or even paid webinars and eBooks that were built strongly focused on sales; the provider writes 90% about the benefits of having his product and uses only 10% of the time to deliver some kind of educational information.

When talking about exclusive (and paid) membership content, we talk about real breakthrough information, more education, and less sales pitch.

Insider Tips Websites (Free or Paid)

If you are a company, why not offer special free training for clients, special emails, and videos for members only? You can create a real community that will always be reminded about your products in a very healthy way. Happy customers will spread information through word-of-mouth advertising, share your content, and write great recommendations about your product.

If you are an expert in a determined area, you can provide coaching classes, such as individual coaching services or in groups; you can also provide online support where people can email or send you questions on forums inside your membership website.

Private Social Network Membership

This could be paid or free, depending on your projects and goals. If you desire to have a paid membership website, you could have in mind a specific area of interest and invite other like-minded people to join you.

These people will be paying to participate with a selective group of people who are supportive and bring insights about their careers, their hobbies, or any other areas of interest they might have.

To make sure you make it attractive for people to sign in, make it clear which benefits they will have by paying to be part of the community.

You can organize local events with talks and other activities related to a specific area so people will be drawn to subscribe. Provide important resources, encourage members to share their knowledge, run interviews, and offer exclusive content.

Now that you have an idea about membership websites, why not stop to think if it would be a good solution for your business or maybe a new resource of income? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter or connect with us on our Facebook Page to receive more tips and insights about membership websites and other marketing solutions.




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