The Evolving Web Intelligence™ and Its 10+ Forms

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The Intelligent Web™ is not so much a thing as a series of systems and processes for designing easy-to-navigate websites (and all online web properties) that connect with, convince, and convert audiences. They also are able to make loyal, even raving fans out of your visitors and customers.

It’s not only that intelligent websites are aesthetically appealing and well designed or that they are cool from a message and/or technology perspective. An intelligent website is one that you can move around in and always know where you are and how to return to a page you were viewing six clicks ago. And an intelligent website is full of back-end data and linked with a CRM that is ever providing intel about customer behavior.

The most sophisticated retail websites give evidence of what the Intelligent Web can do: You were viewing that Nikon D3000 on Amazon; an ad for it shows up on your Facebook page; Amazon is sending you emails about that Nikon and similar cameras that are now on sale.

The web, and the Web 3.0 environment that is upon us, tracks traffic, monitors patterns, and serves up leads and connections in ways some of us may not yet be able to fathom. One of its keys is integrating systems. The Intelligent Web™ integrates our online behavior and shows it to us in new and compelling ways—for advertising purposes, for driving sales, for data analysis and recovery.

It’s not enough to just be present on the web anymore—brochure websites or even ones designed circa 2014 do not attract people to the level of engagement you seek. You require true living web PRESENCE, and that is what enfusionize™ will masterfully craft for you, employing the interface and interactivity along with the responsiveness that the Intelligent Web™ enables.

The Evolving Intelligent Web™ (built from Web 3.0) allows your presence online (be it websites, funnels, social context) to engage in a direct and meaningful conversation with your ideal clientele, the same way you do in real life.

Our brains have a lot to do with the Intelligent Web™ because there’s a connection between how the Intelligent Web™ works and our neural networks, especially when it comes to making connections that stick.

At enfusionize™, we’ve been researching and refining over these last years the elements and aspects and frameworks that have enabled what we are calling, The Evolving Intelligent Web™. It involves the direction, the analysis, the presentation, the translation, the capture, and the management of information and intel in a way that can alleviate so much human involvement in certain aspects of business.

Let’s focus on the basic forms of The Evolving Intelligent Web™ as we’ve defined them at enfusionize™. We’ve outlined them in alphabetical order—to be equanimous—because no one form is more important than another, and in most cases, they are interindependent even as they can be distilled to their essence.

How We Express Them

wheel of web intelligence™

How We Define Them

AnalyticsAnalytics Intelligence™: The discovery and holistic communication of meaningful patterns in data feeds, together with trending movements in the marketplace, filtered by intuitive understanding and predictive logic.

BrandingBranding Intelligence™: Interconnected, unforgettable, identifiable touch points, based on the Brand Story (company/offers/founders), Brand Image and Brand Experience. This is the sum of all points of contact that engages the senses as well as influences perceptions.

CollaborativeCollaborative Intelligence™: Entrepreneurs, wisdom seekers, and game changers within us all work together and communicate as one voice to refine/distill systems and processes to reap positive benefits.

ConversionConversion Intelligence™: The multifaceted ways of streamlining the delivery of your Defining Business Message alongside the way it is translated throughout your business processes and marketing channels.

InformationInformation Intelligence™: Every way you leverage your content and every way you market your unforgettable information products to quell the raging appetites for unique and refined information.

social-iconSocial Intelligence™: REAL time relationships, responsive interactions, empowered connections that tell the Core Brand Story through the unique voice and iconography that differentiates it in the marketplace.

StrategicStrategic Intelligence™: The uniquely empowered Blueprint of your business that establishes courses of action to educe measurable, positive results and enable frequent conversions on all marketing channels.


SystemsSystems Intelligence™: The ecosystem of integral code that brings diverse platforms into unifying synergy to streamline and increase clarity within information channels without a loss of integrity.

WebsiteWebsite Intelligence™: The optimal FLOW that integrates the creative structure and weaves together a network of information and interactions that practically runs your business for you.


BusinessBusiness Intelligence™: The centralized, foundational opportunity for crafting your success Blueprints and coordinated action plans. This is where you orchestrate the collective of Intelligent Web™ forms for every new and daring venture.


Leverage the power of what we call The Evolving Intelligent Web™ to synchronize your business. This means automating your systems and processes for optimal efficiency.



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