The Target Audience: Who Gets Preferred Seating?

Branding & Graphics, Relationship Marketing

Every Entrepreneur will offer products and services with some quality, price, and feature differentials that are designed to attract customers or clientele with certain profiles. We do that because the right alignment between what we have to offer and who is likely to buy it is absolutely critical to making sales. Take that alignment art to the extreme, and you have the science of behavioral profiling. Blend the art with the science and you can create target marketing or your description of who gets preferred seating in your audience.

Rare is the business whose product or service is intended for everyone (that sounds like a utility company).

It is quite amazing that many people start up businesses without first researching and comprehensively profiling their Target Audience. You can do a business plan and gauge the market need for your product or service, compiling information about either demographics or income ranges that you might attract. However, to define your Target Audience requires that, beyond some of the economic determinants, you also look at some qualitative and subjective preferences of the people you want to attract and outline very carefully and thoughtfully whom, by virtue of their income, status, preferences, values, beliefs, hopes, and desires, you are wanting to attract and honorably serve.

Many of our clients at enfusionize™ come to us with enthusiasm tempered by chagrin, confusion, and frustration because they are overwhelmed, underserved, and are not quite sure exactly what kind of support they need to move more rapidly ahead. For some who fit into this category, among the things they lack is clarity about their Target Audience Profile.

Like any serious and conscious organization, we don’t expect that everyone will want or require our services (and we advise that you don’t, either). By the same token, we don’t WANT to work with just anyone and absolutely everyone. Indeed, that would liken us to a manufacturing plant, which we are not, where the goal is to maximize customer sales and the endgame is large profits. (That’s a great endgame, but we’re referring to the way you get there.)

Ultimately, we think—and feel—that this way of doing business promotes inefficiency and borders on being completely impersonal. It definitely gets in the way of our Core Business Objective, which is service. Our ideal clients have certain characteristics and attributes that make them a good fit for who we are and how we work, and when all those characteristics mesh, fantastic outcomes are certain to follow.

We work with conscious business Entrepreneurs who are constrained with their Brand. They want to expand their products/services and/or presence on the web so they can reach a more aligned audience and attract more opportunities to grow revenue and profits, empower their mission, and consciously cause their business to thrive.

By “conscious business,” we mean businesses that have holistic products and services to offer and messages that live in HIGH-impact environments, have real meaning and potential for transformation. “Conscious” is also the way they conduct business. Our clients provide services to their customers from a place of clarity of intent, and their work impacts beyond their clientele to benefit society at-large.

Our ideal client will be passionate about what he or she does; have a six-figure business that has been running for a few years; already have an online presence that most likely requires more work or requires Launch Functions/Sales Funnels; wants to donate part of the proceeds of work to some cause; and is likely to have or seek a global reach. Our ideal clients ardently aspire to be successful online with products and services that assist people to be healthier, grow and change, learn new skills, join a cause, educate themselves, and contribute their gifts to society while contributing locally in their communities when possible.

Do you have a detailed profile of your Ideal Target Audience? If not, we can assist! And if you feel you fit our detailed profile, we want to work with you!

For more information about enfusionize™, or how to craft your Ideal Target Audience Profile, visit our website, or give us a call at: 480-331-8711.




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