Tips from Gen Y: “Every Day I’m Tumblin.”

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I’ll make this post short and sweet. Tumblr is a Social Media site somewhat similar to Instagram. On this site you can share the following:

By far, the most common thing shared is photos.

Here is an example of a Tumblr post:

1. This is pretty self-explanatory. This basically shows which user reblogged whom.
2. This stands for how many notes there are. Basically the “notes” are the number of reblogs and likes combined.
3. This is the reblog button. You can compare this to a retweet on Twitter. When you reblog something, it shows up on your profile, and it shows up on all of the dashboards (or for clarity “News Feeds”) of your followers.
4. This

What Gen Y Thinks:

It is not worth the time. The majority of people with Tumblr are girls. Boys usually get ridiculed for having one. Therefore, advertising is almost only useful to those marketing to women. Just like Instagram, those who would benefit from advertising on Tumblr would be clothing, food, and photography companies. However, one must be careful because original credit of the company can easily be lost if not clearly defined on the picture.

If utilized correctly, the “Ask Me” feature on Tumblr can be truly helpful to businesses. Clients can inquire about anything they wish. Once answered by the company, the question and response will be posted to all of the dashboards of the company’s followers.

Take our advice,
Generation Y




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