Tips from Gen Y: Tackling Social Media

Information Marketing

Is it bad that I find it humorous that the older generation is agonizing over every little detail of Social Media?

“What Facebook picture will sell my product? Will product contests add to my ‘like’ count on Facebook? How can I persuade my clientele with only 140 characters on Twitter? How can I get followers on Tumblr? What about Pinterest? I want repins! I want retweets! I want to be Social Media savvy! I want to be famous on the Internet!”

Is this you? ^^

There are plenty of articles out there with statistics, heavy research, and strategies aimed at success for online marketing. However, when it comes down to it, all of those experiments boil down to one thing: me. Okay, well not exactly. But for people in my age group, Social Media is not just a business apparatus or a way to keep in contact with old friends. It is a way of life. I don’t just tweet, post statuses, tumble, repin, upload videos, and post snapshots in my free time. It is a responsibility I have every single second of my life.

So, in the next couple of blog posts, I will give my opinions, explanations, and business ideas on various Social Media outlets and applications.

Keep a look out, ladies and gentlemen! This is something that you are not going to want to miss! It is time to get some fresh thoughts from the generation that will soon be your business’ biggest competition!




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