UX User Experience Tips: Is Your Website Made for Your Visitors?

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Many people think that just because a website is built and running online, all they need to do is to create tons of content filled with keywords. They forget (or don’t know) how important it is to plan their websites based on user experience.

Before designing and create content for your website, it is important to consider, first and foremost, who will be visiting your website, what you do, and how you will present a solution for their problems.

You also need to understand how your potential clients will respond to your website. This is the time to understand user experience and make sure you can create a better connection between your company and your visitors.

A website that is built with the visitors in mind will include the following aspects:

1. It is built to facilitate the navigation system.
2. It includes a copy that will speak directly to the user’s needs.
3. It establishes a navigational flow that is simple and practical.
4. It keeps the users interested in your website.
5. It leads the visitors to other areas of the website, shows solutions, and more.

The main focus is to show immediately that the website was created for the visitors and not only to show off the company. That means that this website will consider the attributes of an average visitor, what he values, what his goals are, and what his concerns are.

A user-friendly website should simulate a conversation or tell a story. It interacts with visitors through organized navigation and uses images and texts that are directly related to the business. An effective website avoids technical language and is focused on informing, educating, and entertaining instead of just publishing chunks of text that can be confusing and hard to navigate.

To create a successful user-sensitive website, you need to know what motivates the user and what would bring them to a website like yours. Many businesses would say that their subjects are very boring and technical or too serious, but there is always a way to soften the content to leave the visitors satisfied.

Make sure that every page of your website shows exactly what the website is about. Some websites will make it confusing to visitors to understand what they are offering. It is important that you use a clear tagline fixed on the header of your website and on every page. People arrive on your website from different sources. The ideal setup is that you keep them informed on what you’re all about if they arrive first on an area of your website that is not your home page.

Also make sure that you don’t use too many adverts that will confuse the users and lead them to another website that is not yours. If you still think you should use adverts, you need to place the ones that are related to the topics of the website.

Keep the design simple! The simpler the better. We sometimes tend to think that all information we have is important, but in fact, it doesn’t always work like this. Spend some time doing research about what is important to your visitors. Use sliders, album gallery, and videos that are easy to use and always test to check if it is working properly. Also be sure to make yourself available through web contact forms.




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