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You Know that Feeling When You See Others in Your Niche Doing Better than You are? Always Steps Ahead, We Remain Constantly on Top of the Marketing & Technology Curve, Trust us to Stay Ahead of it and We’ll come up with Strategies, Products & Integrated Solutions that Deliver Stellar Results!

The Challenge

This was a product that was on the backburner and Lisa wanted to be sure it still saw the light of day and that others can benefit from it, even though her focus n her business had shifted elsewhere. The goal was to automate it entirely without having to manage any delivery as it was an online course.

The Solution

We designed and developed a fully functional sales system with a marketing plan so she would be self-sufficient in being able to manage and automate this aspect of her business.

The Result

We finalized the entire program launch, got the marketing/automation in place, and customized backend technologies for seamless integration. The end result for her was fully realizing she had developed immensely and her offerings were better focused on where her heart and passions were.

Applied services:

Launch Funnel
Technology Integrations