The Embodiment Conference 2020
You Know that Feeling When You See Others in Your Niche Doing Better than You are? Always Steps Ahead, We Remain Constantly on Top of the Marketing & Technology Curve, Trust us to Stay Ahead of it and We’ll come up with Strategies, Products & Integrated Solutions that Deliver Stellar Results!

The Challenge

The Embodiment conference is the first to break such a large online threshold of over 500,000 registered participants for the online event. The challenge was to create a fluid follow-up and customer support process (intercom) and also introduce new/fresh branded graphics that would convert.

The Solution

We architected a solution for communications, support, follow up marketing, and real-time conversation matrix into the conference that would produce incredible results of real-time engagement and on the spot conversions based on where the person was in the consumption of content in the conference.

The Result

With a massive attendance, flawless follow-up, and incredible sales process, we exceeded all expectations and delivered an incredible conference and back-end sales to fuel the growth of the organization for years to come.

Applied services:

2 Sales Funnels
Various Banners
Intercom Integration