You Know that Feeling When You See Others in Your Niche Doing Better than You are? Always Steps Ahead, We Remain Constantly on Top of the Marketing & Technology Curve, Trust us to Stay Ahead of it and We’ll come up with Strategies, Products & Integrated Solutions that Deliver Stellar Results!

The Challenge

The client came to us for assistance regarding a new product launch. Her business was evolving, and she sought strategic and tactical advice as well as some design and technical assistance to get her to the next level of automation.

The challenge and opportunities here were to bring the existing brand, website, and related assets into a new era with next-level design chops, marketing expertise, and a fluid relationship pathway that produce results.

The Solution

We conducted a website assessment to lay out her next steps for evolving her online presence. We created custom graphics and banners and worked on her website using existing copy and the current CRM system she had in place. Next, coaching calls centered around how to design, develop, and present content and how to package her products in a way that was user-friendly, simple to understand, easy to navigate, and would draw interest. Much of the coaching revolved around “What first …”, “When to …” so the client could use her time efficiently.

We worked on many integrated assets from the UX and UI to deep brand efforts across the board on 2 different versions of the website over the years. Also, to create a newly developed wat to deliver and market her online courses which she was wanting more focus on.

The Result

The client had various new assets as well as strategic marketing and technology upgrades to advance her business as her budget would allow.

Over the years and working with Anahata, we successfully built 2 websites, and a multitude of necessary assets and strategies to deliver real-time results.

Applied services:

Sales Funnel
Launch Support
Video Design
Strategy Consulting
Technology Integration