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You Know that Feeling When You See Others in Your Niche Doing Better than You are? Always Steps Ahead, We Remain Constantly on Top of the Marketing & Technology Curve, Trust us to Stay Ahead of it and We’ll come up with Strategies, Products & Integrated Solutions that Deliver Stellar Results!

The Challenge

This was a $1.5 million product launch in 2008 for David Wolfe, that required some serious mojo to pull off. Technology, marketing/automation, and so many variables were so challenging back then. I was brought onto consult and quickly became crucial to the launch team and even held the launch party at my place in Malibu which was a feat unto itself as it was a LIVE ustream event over an entire day and over 400 affiliates participating.

The Solution

I consulted on Infusionsoft, marketing tactics/strategies, working on the tech side and we even designed the sales funnel with our designer who has been with us ever since. There are innumerable things that were done here to raise the bar and bottomline.

The Result

The results were astounding, to have that size of a launch at that time in the wellness space was unheard of. We increased the point of sale by contributing partner upsells, list building activities, and managing the launch team extensively as well.

Applied services:

Sales Funnel Design
Marketing Consulting
Technology Integrations