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The Challenge

The client wanted to create eBooks and market her youth programs online. She came to us as a referral and had little to no experience in the online marketing arena.

The Solution

We were tasked with getting a website up to promote her after-school program packages and design and prepare for production an eBook (print on demand) that was her first information product. We refreshed the existing logo, designed a website with shopping cart to describe and announce the programs and enable people to apply right online (PDF fillable forms). Because of the requirement for offline marketing, we designed and produced a number of marketing flyers as well as a tri-fold brochure.

The Result

We produced all of the assets she required for her on-island marketing as well as the conferences she was attending. She has a fully functioning, branded website that is still serving as a major marketing and enrollment tool.

Applied services:

Sales Funnel
Program Development