soul trekker
You Know that Feeling When You See Others in Your Niche Doing Better than You are? Always Steps Ahead, We Remain Constantly on Top of the Marketing & Technology Curve, Trust us to Stay Ahead of it and We’ll come up with Strategies, Products & Integrated Solutions that Deliver Stellar Results!

The Challenge

Jared had a successful 1-1 business and wanted to really go to new places with his work. He saw the obstacle was to translate this into a system that is marketable and reaches his target audience. He also sought out 1-1 mentorship to be able to personally facilitate the transition to play a larger game in the online arena.

The Solution

We worked on a slick logo design and lots of strategy consulting calls to position himself and prepare to launch his greater offerings. We also had an in-person 1-1 mentorship over 3 days to solidify and launch his new platform.

The Result

We delivered the logo and focused heavily on strategy in the right places at the right time. The in-person mentorship rocked the house for him and upleveled his ability to fully show up in the world, attracting exactly what he is seeking.

Applied services:

Logo Design
Strategic Consulting
1-1 Mentorship