destination survival
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The Challenge

Destination Survival: Develop an Online Presence for a New Branded Business

The client came to enfusionize™ in the spring of 2012 with an idea for a business service and a small catalog of products. He had some ideas for a business name but nothing really viable. The challenge was to clearly define his service and his target audience, name and brand his business, develop his web presence, design his eBook, and create a Sales Funnel for his website.

The Solution

With the enfusionize™ brand expert, the name “Destination Survival” emerged along with a logo and a moniker for the brand—a small tortilla chip—as the client’s nickname was Nacho. Along with the logo and moniker development, the enfusionize™ design team created seasonal and activity-specific variations of the moniker Nacho—the rock climber, the hiker, the skier, etc.—and a whole family of nacho chips to reflect the family-oriented nature of the business and the different activities and climates that potential customers might experience via Destination Survival’s outdoor courses. enfusionize™ also developed, after a series of coaching and information-getting calls, a multipage website customized from a WordPress template, complete with blog, shopping cart for the client’s existing products, and Infusionsoft platform for customer management. Finally, a Sales Page was created along with several Facebook ads to drive traffic to the website.

The Result

The client’s website, the shopping cart, and Facebook page were launched in the spring of 2013. The “Nacho” character was identified as the perfect Facebook brand icon and was used in crafting Facebook ads and on the Sales Page as the “Nacho says” emblem. The client wanted the shopping cart customized regarding product quantity display, and although it took some doing, enfusionize™ was able to customize the display. The enfusionize™ content team supported the development of the eBook as a brand asset, including the Nacho moniker in the eBook where appropriate, and editing and setting up the book for easy readability and printing. The various renditions of the moniker, Nacho, served as a way to fuel ideas about what and how the client could additionally market his services in the future. At the present time, Destination Survival no longer has a live website.

Applied services:

Online Store
Sales Funnel
Video Design
Infusionsoft Implementation
eBook Development