band of light
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The Challenge

Elijah is a creative artist and musician who came to enfusionize™ seeking an entirely new presence for his music “store” and the online community he wanted to build around his music (Band of Light).

The Solution

The website development was highly customized and specialized. Because he is a musician, we were able to iframe ReverbNation into his website so he could have certain information on his homepage. We created Sales Funnels and a new storefront that required some API work. The storefront was redeveloped and custom designed to accommodate the client’s technical and aesthetic preferences around showcasing his unique packaging and offerings.

The Result

Several new logos we designed were added to the Band of Light Brand. We created a unique video intro for the client’s videos so they were uniquely branded. To support an event launch, we assisted to strategically architect his Indiegogo campaign, providing all the assets. The client raised over $20k.

Applied services:

Indiegogo Event Launch
Video Design
Infusionsoft Implementation