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The Challenge

Breakthrough Results was a three-day live event in 2013. enfusionize™ was engaged to rebrand Breakthrough Results and develop a complete launch website that included the itinerary, testimonials, enrollment/registration, and hotel/accommodation information.

Ted had an 1.5-hour video that included much of the detail we required, and the enfusionize™ Team built out the funnel over the course of several months. The client came through as a referral from an internet marketing company that was doing his marketing but did not build funnels.

The Solution

enfusionize™ first wireframed the Launch Pages that included the standard information like Ted’s background and bio; a fully fleshed out schedule of events over the three days; the hotel and travel details; testimonials; speaker lists and background of speakers.

We agreed on a master template and the Brand colors. The client provided relevant images while the enfusionize™ Team prepared all the page copy, based largely on information from the 1.5-hour video but enhanced and expanded based on the template flow and what we call Conversion Intelligence™: those elements that support the reader’s engagement and interest.

We went back to the client for personal details and event details so we could paint a clear picture, using words and images, of what people ought to expect at the event.
We wanted to assure that there would be congruence between what was being portrayed online and the real experience enrollees were going to have.

The Result

A five-page launch website was ready to go several weeks out from the live event, complete with new logo and a template for this and future events. We expanded the Sales Page to include a section on whom the program was NOT for; a money-back guarantee; what behaviors and personal risks were expected for the event itself; and cost and payment options. The whole funnel was delivered to the internet marketing company for the advanced event marketing.

Applied services:

Sales Funnel
Event Launch