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The Challenge

The client came to us wanting two websites to market two businesses. She had never had a modeling site and had never prepared a site like Bounce-Camp before, so this project involved a little more discovery and research on the design side.

The Solution

We created two websites and several logos for this culturally creative artist, model, and Entrepreneur. Angelika was a cocreative effort to promote her modeling career. The client provided all the content while enfusionize™ did all the design and technical work. The site advertises and promotes her low-impact fitness training with jump boots that she has promoted via her camps.

The Result

The client had strategy and copy in place; so once a design was arrived at, we built out her websites.

Applied services:

  • Website
  • Logo


Systems Intelligence

The ecosystem of integral code that brings diverse platforms into unifying synergy with lossless integrity. ~ Team enfusionize™


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