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The Challenge

One of the core challenges was to organize and present massive amounts of information for a launch in a condensed period of time because the client is a very, very busy coach. We also aimed to shift the angle of approach of the marketing from benefit based to feature based.

The Solution

We created a totally custom Sales Funnel in Clickfunnels so the client could have an integrated system that could be employed in an evergreen marketing plan. While we suggested and encouraged the client to migrate to Infusionsoft, we accomplished only a partial migration in time for the launches.
Much energy and intel was invested in strategy and coaching in support of the integration and focus-shift for the product launches, including discussions regarding: technology solutions as well as messaging, voice, information presentation, and copywriting.

The Result

The client had great results in the product launches, moving from about 20 enrollees to well over 125 in one launch, and with strategy and price adjustments in subsequent launches, the client sustained a healthy increase in revenue. The client also had a mechanism for running his programs on an ongoing basis.

Applied services:

  • Website
  • Sales Funnel
  • Product Launch
  • Program Development
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Infusionsoft Implementation
  • Strategy/Coaching


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