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The Challenge

The client has an active coaching practice, and we picked up with her and another professional mid-project. The challenge was to launch an online presence despite the client’s lack of familiarity with the tools and technology needed to do that and her very limited available time.

The client had no strategy for email marketing even though she had Infusionsoft and had a good following from her leadership as a coach.

The Solution

We created the branding for an eBook she wanted to launch and provided strategies for marketing it. enfusionize™ set up a template for a custom-coded enewsletter and assisted the client to put those out monthly.

The Result

The monthly enewsletter serves as a vehicle for promoting her book, her business, and her events. We continue to provide ongoing support and management for her online business, working around her very busy travel and coaching schedule.

Applied services:

  • Website Pages
  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Infusionsoft Implementation
  • Strategy/Coaching



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Elaine Froese

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