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The Challenge

Hekter McElliot is a photographer who wanted to start selling his photographs online. He had no brand but some ideas for design.

The Solution

With his input, we created a logo and a website with a storefront along with a secondary website that had to go into a third party platform (i.e. not WordPress). We also took his high-definition photographs (huge file sizes) and made them look beautiful in smaller dimensions (especially in the shopping cart) without sacrificing image quality. This proved to be challenging, especially considering the client’s concern and attention as a photographer.

The Result

Along with the website, we created a custom membership portal for the custom work the client had done for individual clients. The completed project included a professional website and online marketing platform for the client’s products and some off-line assets including stationery.

Applied services:

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Online Store
  • Branding
  • Stationery



Artistic as well as technical support with video, digital presentations, light animation projects, and visual/sound elements for any original production. Let us co-create with you!

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