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The Challenge

The clients were looking for a Launch Funnel and a website within six weeks that featured a sophisticated structure as well as custom design. Before coming to enfusionize™, their brand presence was obscure and inappropriate for the high-level product launch, materials, and product included in their offer.

The Solution

They had no brand assets ready and left us to create much of the content and architecture from scratch. This was a major constraint in terms of our cocreative process, but we successfully constructed their new site.

The Result

Despite the complexity of the Launch Funnel, we successfully put together their assets within the client’s time frame, which was about a month.

We created and ran an entire launch funnel campaign and affiliate pages plus a new website—designed, developed, built with client input on copy. This high-level, highly customized launch funnel was built for a multiple six-figure audience and launched successfully.

Applied services:

  • Website
  • Logo
  • Sales Funnel
  • Brand
  • Launch Support
  • Video Design
  • Strategy/Coaching


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